Digital forensic reconstruction animations and illustrations help provide juries with an in-depth visual representation of crime scene testimony in civil and criminal cases by allowing jury members to be able to picture themselves in the crime scene taking place. This helps juries be able to focus on relevant information in a case and make more educated decisions based on the supplemental visual materials being represented, while at the same time being able to remove irrelevant details from a crime scene. Using various advanced 3D animation software packages our experts are able to take evidence, depositions, crime scene photos, and other relevant materials to a case to visually rebuild testimonies for courtroom presentations.


Materials can be provided in three available formats based on customer needs:

Digital Illustrations as single "snapshot" images of relevant events in the event timeline of a shooting incident.
Digital Animations provided in accessible video formats that provide a video of the entire event timeline.
Realtime Animations provided in web browser accesible format which provide a deeper and more intuitive level of control for the presenter, giving you more freedom to be able to walk through a crime scene and review the incident from any angle as if you were physically present at the scene of the incident.

          Below are a few sample illustrations and a sample realtime animation. Clicking on the images will open a new browser with a higher resolution version of the image. In order to review the realtime animation you will be prompted to download the popular free Unity 3D web player, which will be run as a browser plugin. A capable 3D graphics card will give the best performance when viewing on a PC or Mac.

Realtime demo of our forensic animation viewer. (Click to open in new window)

Example illustrations showing trajectory lines in shooting scenes.

Some example firearm models created in-house for use in reconstruction.