An ASCLD-LAB Accredited Firearms Examination Laboratory

        Alliance Forensics Laboratory, Inc. is the only stand-alone ASCLD-LAB (American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors- Laboratory Accreditation Board) accredited independent forensic firearms & tool mark examination testing laboratory in the world. Our only business is forensic firearms related examinations. The laboratory is located at 6058 East Lancaster Avenue in Fort Worth, Texas. We offer a wide variety of firearms & tool mark related examinations for our nationwide clientele of police agencies, District Attorneys offices, civil case attorneys, criminal case attorneys, private individuals, corporations, universities, forensics students, and media.

        Laboratory Mission Statement:

        Our mission is to provide the highest quality forensic examinations for the criminal justice community, the civil court justice community, corporations, and private individuals. Our goal is to provide every customer with reliable analyses delivered in a timely, courteous manner. To insure a consistently high quality product, we voluntarily follow accepted industry standards, undergo routine proficiency testing, and use only Certified Firearms Examiners.

A message from Richard N. Ernest, President & founder of Alliance Forensics Laboratory, Inc.

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Biographical Information for Richard N. Ernest

        Welcome to the website for Alliance Forensics Laboratory, Inc. which is an ASCLD-LAB accredited independent forensic firearms & tool mark examination (also known as forensic ballistics) laboratory located in Fort Worth, Texas. Alliance Forensics Laboratory, Inc. is a unique accredited privately owned laboratory offering a variety of firearms related analytical services as noted under our services section on the navigational bar to the left.

        To insure that our analysts deliver a consistently high quality product we voluntarily follow the standardized testing procedures of AFTE (the Association of Firearms & Toolmarks Examiners), and voluntarily undergo proficiency testing on a routine basis as administered by CTS (the Collaborative Testing Service) in the areas of Firearms & Toolmarks Examination.

        During the 2005-2006 period, Alliance Forensics Laboratory underwent and passed the accreditation requirements of ASCLD-LAB. We are now an accredited laboratory in firearms & tool mark examination by both ASCLD-LAB and the Texas Department of Public Safety Laboratory System. Seeking accreditation was a major undertaking, but it further underscores our deep commitment to offering quality laboratory services for our customers. Alliance Forensics Laboratory was re-accredited in 2010 under the ASCLD-LAB International Program.

        We strongly believe that all forensic scientists have a moral duty & obligation to our society to live by the highest ethical standards possible, and to provide forensic analytical services which are delivered with both scientific objectivity and fairness to all concerned parties.

        If we at Alliance Forensics Laboratory, Inc. can be of service to your case or project needs please call on us with the contact information provided on this website.

                  Respectfully Submitted,
                  Richard N. Ernest
                  President, Alliance Forensics Laboratory, Inc.